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So here we are at Consonance. Wireless network connectivity in our room - ya gotta love the Silicon Valley. :)

Due to the rigors of having to herd a 2.5 year old around, my "con" time has been limited to the people I've seen as we were coming in. I got to say Hi to Margaret Davis, Jeff and Maya, and Tom and Dave. Missed Steve Savitsky's concert last night while tring to get small one asleep. Other than that, I've been watching the Wiggles. :)

I did get a couple hours last night to go outside with Luis Garcia and enjoy a Cohiba that he brought back from Cuba this year. Mmmm... that was very nice. :)

I hope to catch some concerts today - I'm especially looking forward to hearing Franklin, Jeff and Maya, and of course, Tom and Dave. :)

It seems like we went through this last year - excited about showing up, then less excited as we face the facts of being parents of a toddler, and appreciating just how much time that takes. We probably won't be able to "do" much of the con, but being able to hang out for some time each day with the Garcias and the Kwinn-Gladneys DOES make it all worthwhile. :) And seeing all our kids play together is a rare and precious thing. We can all remember quite clearly hanging out with each other before ANY of us had kids - so it's like we are travelling this road all together. It's a good feeling to know you're not alone out there.

I have to admit - I'm looking forward to OVFF and a con weekend without Zoë. I'll miss her, but I'll enjoy the amount of time I can devote to the con and spending more time with more people.

More updates as they happen...

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