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I have it. In spades. At least my right arm. At the shoulder and the elbow. I'm told by my Primary Care Physician that it's likely due to repetitive motion from mousing and typing. Since that's my job nearly 12 hours a day, it's been difficult.

I'm wearing an ace support bandage on my elbow and my wrist - and I've now taken to wearing a sling while I'm on breaks or while I'm not actively working. I'm taking Naproxen (550mg 2x per day) and am in the middle of a course of steroids (medrol). It's all helping somewhat, but I'm still in pain most of the time, and my arm below the elbow tends to go tingly and numb if I put my arm in the wrong position for more than a few seconds. This includes the position it must be in to drive, so driving home is an interesting experience these days.

And of course, we are getting ready to ship our "green light" deliverable at work, meaning I've been doing documentation for the last week.

Yay me.


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