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The search for the Linux Laptop

I'm in the market for a simple laptop - something I can do web and flash based things on, check my email, stuff like that. So I'm searching around, and I see that Dell has a $500 notebook that's plenty powerful enough, light and etc. It also comes with Vista Home Premium, which at this point I'm not really interested in. I know I'll have to make the switch eventually, but I'm not really ready to do it now I think.

Anyway, this gets me thinking - the license for Vista alone must be half the cost of that setup - so I wondered what I could find in a simple Linux laptop...

A bit of (non exhaustive) searching later, and I was dismayed. Linux laptops for $1600? I figured I'd be better off buying thing $500 Dell and wiping the drive and installing Ubuntu myself.

IS there someplace the specializes in non-os, or Linux OS laptops geared towards end users? Or am I dreaming to think that a "free" OS is going to actually lower the cost of the computer?

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