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More Guitarista stuff

So I guess I should answer my own questions. :)

My pedal board layout for the Captains is this:

Dunlop RotoVibe --> Fender PT-100 pedal tuner --> Boss CS-3 Compressor --> Boss BD-2 Blues Driver --> Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Mosfet --> Ego Booster (silicon based power booster of my own creation)

All of this is kept on a Furman power-conditioned pedal board.

These days I'm playing my Fender Custom Shop James Burton Signature (Lace sensors) through the board into a 60w Blues DeVille 2x12 that's been modified with a power switch that takes it down to approx. 18w for more crunch at lower volumes.

I'm looking to replace the good ol' CS-3 with something a little more subtle. I've had a Ross, and that ain't it. So I'm looking optical. I've found a schematic, so I may make one, or look at the White Finger or the Aphex.

I'm also looking to add a delay unit, although whether analog or digitial I'm still undecided. The EH #1 Echo actually sounds very good and you can get very long repeat times. However, the MXR Carbon Copy sounds much warmer.

Anyway - thanks for everyone's feedback.

Oh - and the pedal I can't live without? The Ego Booster.

The pedal that's fun but has limited practical use? Either the RotoVibe, or my Octaver.

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