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Mom's Rock!

My kids have the best Mom.

She lets them get dirty, let's them throw things from the landing, let's them eat frozen blueberries in the house. She plays ponies with our daughter and plays "Smackdown" with our son. She's the Brownie Leader of the year, and she takes the kids to Spiral Scouts as well. She keeps the house very nice (although she'd disagree), and deals with household bills, and the general household management like a pro. She can always find my keys or my glasses. She's a great cook, and we are a very well loved family.

I know sometimes she feels overwhelmed and beaten up - but somehow even through that, she manages to make our home a joyful place that even the neighbor kids want to spend time in (usually taking off their clothes - but that's another story)

She rocks - in every positive, uplifiting, enabling, "oh-yeah-baby", kind of way.

Just sayin'.

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