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Fun in Atlanta

Amanda and I are having a wonderful, slow, relaxed time in Atlanta. B&B are busy during the days, so we are forced to sit and contemplate our navels a lot, which is something we have really needed for a while.

We've napped, caught up on email, Amanda cooked today, and we have watched Finding Nemo about 2 dozen times so far (good thing it's a good movie. :) )

Zoë is doing great, as she usually does, but we are so pleased and thankful that our little girl is so forgiving to us. She's an angel, and we are grateful.

Amanda cooked her famous orange/thyme chicken tonight, and the smell of it is pervading the household. Yum. B&B aren't home yet, and this should be a pleasant surprise for them when they do get home.

Had a great time at GaFilk - didn't get to do enough or play enough or see enough of anyone, but such is the life of a parent of a toddler. We spent the vast majority of our time chasing and entertaining the 2 year old. Next year she'll be 3 and likely need even more direct supervision, so we may sadly forgoe the convention in '05. We'll see how it goes between now and then. The GaFilk ConCom should be applauded wildly for the good time they put on for us all. Thanks y'all.

I think I just heard the garage door - time to greet our hosts.

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