Brilliant Deductions (bardiclug) wrote,
Brilliant Deductions

Adventures in programming, v2

So THIS week I got a task to change the way sounds were being called within 850 Maya Files. This would normally be done by opening each file, changing the Sound Event to a Script Event, then saving the file, closing the file. Wash, rinse, repeat. For days.

Instead I took it as a challenge to write my next "useful program", this time using C#. And, I'm happy to say that I was successful. In less time than I would have had to spend opening each file, I was able to parse the file, find the event, replace it with the correct event (based on it's reference source), and save it all out. 850 files done in about 20 minutes. WOO! And it actually worked.

I used the Console instead of a form to avoid threading issues, and since this was basically a one-off app (use once, throw away) I didn't feel the need for all that fancy schmancy interface stuff.

I like this coding thing. I hope I can do it more often.


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