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Post Christmas

We made a journey back into the retail world today, spending some of the money we received as Christmas gifts. Our trusty old microwave decided to call it quits the week before the holiday, so we took some of our new found wealth to Best Buy to acquire a replacement. Since we had the money, we went for the fancy one, so even though it was a necessary purchase, it still feels like a present and worthy of the magical Christmas money. :)

While we were there we made the mistake of looking around the DVD section, and we found a glorious thing. All episodes of Gerry Anderson's "Thunderbirds" available on DVD, with bonus feature items and the whole thing. This is just the TV series, not the movie (which we have on VHS), but still... so, since I did receive a bonus this month, pafuts told me that I could get the set. So I did! Yay! This is one of those series that I remember as a kid and have a special fondness for. I think it probably had a lot to do with my eventual journey to fandom (along with "A Wrinkle In Time" and "Lord of the Rings"). So now, over the rest of my break (I'm off until the 2nd of January) I get to watch the entire "Thunderbirds" series. :) I am a happy camper.

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