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And it's come to this

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Full circle. That's the way of the world I suppose.

I started out with a pedal board a long time ago, which I gave up in favor of rack-mounted multi-effects. (Mainly the Digitech Twin-Tube GFX-1). However now, I'm back to an even larger pedal board with analog pedals and lots of LED's.

The GFX-1 is still a very cool piece of gear, and I may end up back with it again, but for now I'm having a great time. With the Dr. Q I can get those classic envelope follower sounds that I remember from Foghat records. The B.K.Butler Blue Tube is my 12ax7 pre-amp stage into my solid-state amp. Yes, I know - tubes is better, but I don't have a SMALL tube amp, so I use my 30-Watt Line 6 Spider. The rig, with the Blue Tube in front, actually sounds very good, and is a lot easier to control alongside the 18w and 5w amps in the band. I'd like to get a nice 5w/3w rig (pentode/triode) but that's cash I just don't have at the moment.

Anyway - pedals from right to left (guitar to amp) - RotoVibe (for cool swirly chorus/vibrato action), Fender pedal tuner, Boss CS-3 Compressor, EH Dr. Q, tc electronics Chorus/Flange, Boss Blues Driver, a FET based power booster that I made myself (based on the EH LPB-2), BK Butler Blue Tube tube enhancer. The whole thing is on a Furman power conditioned board.

I have Vox Wah that is still waiting to be added, and I'd like to get a stereo tremolo eventually - but that can wait. :) I also have a tube overdrive that is waiting for me to Mod that may take the place of the Blues Driver, or just go in the board next to it. :)

More than you wanted to know - I'm sure. :)

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