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Programmatically accomplished

We're in the middle of crunch. This means that if I need a tool or some special code thing, I'm pretty much on my own.

I'm okay with that usually, as I'm handy with batch files, and I know enough VB.NET to make what I need - usually file parsers or some such.

However this time, I needed a Folder monitor. Filewatcher is new to me, and was a step beyond my self-taught .NET expertise.

However, I needed it, so I crashed through MSDN and figured it out - then hit the Thread Safe error.

One of the reasons I use VB is that it simplifies all that memory stuff. Usually the tools and utilities I write are one off and fairly specific, so I don't need to worry about it. However, with thread safety now a feature of VB, I found I needed to start worrying at least a bit.

The MSDN and Online resources are confusing and often times contradictory - but with perseverence and some trial and error - I triumped over the Thread Safe issue.

I now have a cool little utlitly that watches my shared folder for activity and captures a log of what changes, additions, deletions or renames have happened.

It's not much more than a high school coding project, but I feel good that I figured it out anyway. :)

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