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Getting old

So - I went to the eye doctor last week.

I've had the same reading glasses prescription since 6th grade, but I'd been having more and more trouble dealing with my computer monitor at work. But the kicker was that when I was holding Will I couldn't focus on him. When Z said she had a mark on her cheek, I couldn't see it unless I backed away. I figured it was time.

The eye doctor was very nice, gave me a thorough check up with dialation and all that. I told him the troubles I was having while he was saying "Which is better, A or B?" - and he nodded in understanding. In the end, he handed me a new prescription (which I couldn't read because my eyes were dialated) and sent me on my way.

I went to the glasses store, and I found out that my prescription was for bifocals. "Progressives" actually. I wasn't really shocked, but it was a little traumatic to have concrete evidence of my age placed before me like that. I was fretting about it in the store, trying on frames, and I put on one pair and Zoë said "I like those glasses, Daddy". And then she started trying on frames too. :) She liked the retro tortoise-shell models. :)

So I went home with my "all the time" glasses, and now have to learn to trust where the ground is when I walk. (The lower lenses warp at distance and my feet don't quite know where they are going to land yet). People like the look of them, so I guess Amanda and Zoë chose well.

I'll get a picture up this week so everyone can share in my decrepity.

I'm happy to be able to see clearly again, but it still seems that I'm showing symptoms of an age that I don't feel. I guess that's a good thing. :)

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