Brilliant Deductions (bardiclug) wrote,
Brilliant Deductions

But it's warm, man, it's warm.

Willie cools off
Originally uploaded by Bardic Lug.
It's been hot here in Texas. Hot and humid. Being generally a cave dweller who believes in technology, I stay inside where it's airconditioned and I don't have to worry about it too much.

But, when you have 2 small kids (which I do) going outside to play is a survival mechanism for both the kids AND the parents. This usually entails some time on the new swingset, running around chasing balls, and then, ultimately, sitting in a big mud puddle.

On this particular day, we put out a pot of water for the kids to splash around in, and soak their chalk. They like the texture of the chalk when it's water soaked, calling it "paint".

After an hour or so of joyful play, Will decided he was hot and proceeded to set himself in the pot of water, and look very happy about it. I don't really blame him, I'm sure it was nice and comfy. :)

What did we do before we had kids?

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