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Countdown to GaFilk

I am so ready for a vacation.

Changes at work have cause me a great deal of stress near the end of last year, and I'm quite ready to turn everything off for a couple weeks and head off to that tropical paradise of Atlanta Georgia for some R&R. We leave Thursday morning REALLY early, but that means we get there early enough to actually see some people before toddling off with the toddler for some much needed sleep.

We have no idea how Zoë is going to react to the time change, so we are preparing ourselves for sleepless nights. Of course, at a Filk Convention, this could be seen as a GOOD thing. :)

Then we get a glorious week at Rancho Sutton in Marietta. At least one trip to the fabulous Rib Ranch where we will pig out (as it were), and lots of friendly visiting and general relaxing that we need so much.

I can't quite get away from work, however - I will be bringing along one of my Java books to read while there. Not exactly enthralling action, but it's the one thing happening on the work front that I'm excited about. I actually get to dive into the bits and pieces of the technology and start to build tools and apps that might actually make a difference. I may faint.

Can't wait until Thursday...

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