Brilliant Deductions (bardiclug) wrote,
Brilliant Deductions


You know the deal. 5 questions. Request. I'll ask. You post. Return the favor. Dig?

1. Given their skills at this point in their lives, what do you think your kids will grow up to be?

Good, bright, fun people who will take good care of their old parents. :) Oh, you mean occupation? – Well, Z certainly has an artistic nature, she loves art and art projects, and she loves to sing and make up her own songs. She’s going to be the artsy vocalist of some prog-rock jazz fusion band. Will is a drummer, no doubt. The glee with which he can wield a shaker egg is unmatched anywhere. Being as he’s only a year old, there’s not much else to tell. :)

2. You get a call from EMI - they want you to put together a supergroup to record an album and tour. Who would you have?

Hmm…tough one. Super to whom?

My first thought is just "Crosby, Stills and Nash" - preferably in the tour line-up with Mike Finnigan.

There are many versions, but starting with my guitar heroes, I'd say one version is:

Nokie Edwards - guitar - one of my early guitar heroes. I taught myself the basics of soloing by listening to my Dad's old "Ventures" records.
Dave Edmunds - guitar - Much of my early "teach yourself to be a rock star" days revolved around Dave Edmunds and "Rockpile"
James Burton - guitar - Elvis' guitar player in the "comeback" days. This guy is a maestro.
Tina Weymouth - bass - Bass player for "The Talking Heads" and "The Tom Tom Club" Chicks with guitars rule. :)
Mike Finnigan - Hammond B3 and keys - I saw him with CSN during a concert in the early 80s, and he rocked the house.
Mick Fleetwood - drums - because - hey, it's Mick!

I think that would rock. :)

3. I'm still 19 inside, whatever the exterior says - do you mentally feel your age, or did you arrest sometime? If you arrested, what's the best bit about the age you continue to feel?

Amanda has a theory that no man matures past the age of 12. We still think fart jokes are funny and aspire to belch the alphabet. Partly, I agree with her. :) My arrested development is slightly different based on what you are talking about however.

In general, though- I’d say I’m in my mid 20s. Past teen angst, but still young enough to want to be a rock star when I grow up.

4. Home ownership - what bit of it are you most looking forwards to over the next couple of years?

Seeing the garden develop. Putting in the covered deck and trees in the backyard. Barbeque nights with friends. Music in the living room.

5. You get to swap bodies with a television personality for 24hrs. Who? Why?

Since I don't watch that much television, I'm sort of at a disadvantage here.

If you mean real person who is on TV, I'll say Alton Brown of food network fame, just to get an idea of what it's like to be him for a day. :)

If you mean character on TV, I'll say Commander Riker of ST:TNG. I wouldn't choose Picard, because I'd want to serve with him. :) Why? Hey, commander of the Enterprise, access to the Holodeck, and Deanna Troi. :)


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