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You can't make this up

Got a spam email today that made me laugh so much, I had to read the whole thing. It's like the Mad-Libs of spam.

Most people believe that a food stamp figures out a cowboy, but they need to remember how hesitantly an inexorably surly skyscraper gets stinking drunk. When the bullfrog reads a magazine, a salad dressing around a mastadon procrastinates. A briar patch is phony. An ocean, a vacuum cleaner over a corporation, and a blood clot of the buzzard are what made America great! When a parking lot goes to sleep, the power drill laughs out loud.

Now and then, a briar patch goes deep sea fishing with a nation from a rattlesnake. Any oil filter can compete with some scythe, but it takes a real pit viper to ridiculously bestow great honor upon a mastadon. When a nuclear customer is paternal, the flatulent avocado pit lazily recognizes a vaporized cowboy. Most people believe that some turkey single-handledly secretly admires a mortician, but they need to remember how single-handledly a self-actualized avocado pit returns home. The scooby snack teaches the tornado. Any lover can share a shower with the cloud formation inside the tomato, but it takes a real recliner to bury the moldy globule. A tape recorder seeks a sandwich. When you see the ski lodge, it means that the tattered customer goes to sleep. The underhandedly fractured mortician secretly plans an escape from a nearest industrial complex afire hydrant, and the plaintiff from the cashier makes love to a carelessly nuclear tape recorder.
An asteroid over an ocean

You really can't fail with integrated management matrix approaches.

Sometimes, I love the internet. :)


Oct. 25th, 2006 09:22 pm (UTC)
I recognise that. I got the same piece of prose when I dropped a box of those magnetic fridge poetry words on the kitchen floor. Spooky...


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