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One last time

Zoë Climbs
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Went out to the Richmond Centre today, our local mall. It has a play area with a Cathay Pacific jet in the middle (small sized) that the kids can climb all over. Z likes it quite a bit. I had mixed feelings watching her, as I realize this is probably the last time she'll be able to do this.

Zoë and Teacher Laura
While we were there getting a bite to eat, Zoë's pre-school teacher Laura happened by so we got to see her and tell her goodbye. It was nice. I'm not sure Z quite understands the magnitude of everything going on yet, but she knows she's going to Grandma and Papa's house, so that's a good thing.

Chocolate Milk!
Of course we had to eat Tacos and drink Chocolate Milk one more time. It was a nice day, even if it was kind of sad as it's the last time. But still - chocolate milk anywhere is a good thing when you're almost 5.

Mom and Will
Will ate his lunch (and wore most of it) while watching his sister play. Mom and Dad had coffees from Second Cup. We had a quiet and pleasant afternoon, marred only by the knowledge that it was "the last time".

We are really going to miss this place, and I'm sad that it ended the way it did. But all in all, it's been a grand adventure, and we will relish telling our families about our time in Canada. (And, of course, our Canadian son!)

See you all in California!


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