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Will laughing
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We went for a walk down in Steveston village today. We really love this place, and we are going to miss it when we leave. We stopped in at Sockeye City for a late lunch/early dinner and I caught will with this classic expression on his face. :)

Steveston fish dock Steveston is a great place, we are really going to miss it when we are gone. There is something very calming about walking along the water, looking at the boats. The seagulls fly lazily overhead, stopping to pick up a renegade chip from someone's ill fate Fish and Chips plate and the crows are everywhere, eyeing everything suspiciously.

People wander along the dock - some there specifically to buy fish, and others just lazily walking from shop to shop, looking for a treasure - or nothing at all. There's some really good Ice Cream and Gelato here, as well as Vancouver's BEST Coffee Shop.


We are excited about our new adventure lying ahead, but the next few days I think will be filled with a little bit of sadness, and some quiet contemplation of how fortunate we've been to live in such a friendly and beautiful place.

Little Girl Blue

We are stressed, but days like today remind me that life goes on past moments like this. And life is truly good.

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