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Meme poll

So - I'm going crazy waiting for my interview, and need some mental distraction other than packing or moving-related (which is all stress inducing).

So - I'm jumping on the meme Poll bandwagon! Aren't you glad?

As me a question - anything at all. I'll answer to the best of my knowledge, and if I don't know - I'll make something up. :)

Poll #781286 Ask the Lug!

Ask me a question!


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Jul. 31st, 2006 06:46 am (UTC)
Answers part 1
Ask me a question!

filkerdave -- What's the best guitar you ever played?

That's a tie between the James Burton Telecaster that I own and a Gretsch White Falcon owned by "The Fatman" George Sanger that I have played a couple of times.

The Burton I bought when they were first released, and I had to wait almost a year for it as it came out of the Fender Custom Shop the first year. It's a dream.

pafuts -- Why do you wear a beard?

These days, because Zoë says I have to. :) But initially, I started wearing a beard because the skin on my face is so sensitive, that shaving more than once or twice a week just make me bleed. I decided I'd rather have a hairy face than bleed regularly from my face.

bardling -- How did you first meet Amanda?

We were both attending Chaffey Community College in Southern California, and during that term, we were both cast in the main stage production put on by the theatre department there. The show was "Scapino" - I was Scapino, and Amanda was the waitress in the cafe, who had no lines. We met during the run of the show, and the rest - as they say - is history. Although - when the reviews came out - Amanda got a full paragraph about how great she was, and I got one line - "Scott Snyder plays the lead". :D

madfilkentist -- What is the terminal velocity of an unladen balrog?

About the same as the terminal velocity of Gandalf - which is 55m/s - except in the mines of Moria - where the terminal velocity is actually only 25m/s for a more dramatic effect.

13chatnoir -- Should I take a structures tour in Stockholm or go out on my own?

I assume you mean "structured tour" - My advice is, if you've never been there, take the tour. Once you've been there and are familiar with the high points (and tourist traps) then you can strike out on your own with more success.

devon_22 -- How do you make a cappachino? (you should remember this from Portico :) )

If you are lucky, you can make yourself look busy in the back and make the boss do it. :) However, in my case, it always started with a triple mocha just to get my eyes open. Capuccino is more foam, less milk... so shot of espresso and start foaming. :)

artslave -- What was the last song you wrote? And will you write another one for us soon?

The last song I completed was "Danger Ranger" which was over a year ago. I'd really like to start writing again more regularly - perhaps when the current employment crisis is over, that can happen. :)
Aug. 3rd, 2006 12:04 am (UTC)
Answers the second
vixyish -- How did you first get into filk? (I love everyone's filk-gateway stories.)

I was thrown into a filk room at Westercon (94 I believe) and told I couldn't leave until I played something. :) It's true - ask mycroftca - he did it. :)

I had been writing and playing these silly songs for a long time before I ever knew there was a thing called "filk". When I wrote "The Magic Song" for our large group of Magic playing friends, Mycroft told me about this thing called filk, and lent me some recordings. I was intrigued.

Then, he took me to Westercon that year, found the filk room, and literally threw me in. :) I wasn't at all sure about it, but I ended up having a great time and meeting some great people.

My next stop was ConChord 94 (I went voluntarily and on my own. :) ) where Urban Tapestry was the Interfilk guest and used their feminine wiles to keep me up all night... But that's another story. ;)

whim_wham -- What *really* happened to that thing from that guy that one time?

The thing is safely at home with the guy, although it took a couple times to get it there.
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