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I managed to ignore it for two days, but today I had to go to the Doctor. My lungs felt heavy, and they gurgled merrily when I inhaled deeply. I finally figured that this was not good and dragged my buttocks to the Urgent Care facility.

I experienced first hand one of Amanda's Rules for going to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room. If you tell them you are having trouble breathing, you won't have to wait. I was, so I didn't. Since I hadn't been there before (Amanda and I figured out that I hadn't been to a Dr. since we left Washington, and that was over 2 years ago) I had to fill out the mandatory "sheets of redundant paperwork", but they brought me in and had me sit on a bed in the exam room to do it.

While I was doing this paperwork, and in my sickness-induced altered-state I was designing a software solution that would run on a PDA, and would allow the facility to link to their computers and input the information they had, then allow the patient to provide each bit of information ONCE. The the facility could cradle the PDA and print out all 4 documents with all information in place. I realized, of course, that this made far too much sense, and therefore no one would fund it or use it.

I saw the Doctor in about 10 minutes ( a record for me ) and he dutifully listened to my chest and said what I had predicted, and what I was dreading. "Sounds like Bronchitis. No evidence of Pneumonia though." So, YAY! No pneumonia. But, UGH! Bronchitis.

So now I'm home, sleeping and coughing, taking my antibiotics like a good boy and hoping that I'm all better tomorrow so I can go back to work. I just have too much to do. Of course, I won't be better tomorrow, but if I'm "good enough" I'll go back anyway.

Thank you all for listening to me whine. We now return you to your regular LJ Friends list.

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