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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, belated Happy Hanukah, and joyful mid-winter wishes to all!

Does anyone say "Merry Christmas" anymore? It seems like all of the specific holiday wishes have now been replaced with the generic "Happy Holidays" which sounds more like the banner for the mid-December ad sheets that appear in the paper. Does the person that I say "Merry Christmas" to have to be an active celebrant in that particular holiday in order to get the benefit of the greeting? It seems that we are so worried about offending anyone that we have watered down our language to the point that we don't actually SAY anything to anyone, thereby avoiding the offenese. Too bad. It seems that the more we move in this direction, the more detached from our important events we become. It's hard to be caught up in the spirit of the holiday when you are afraid to utter the even the NAME of the celebration you are supposed to be taking part in. I suppose it's all part of progress. Hmm... maybe Tolkien had it right - down with progress, and let's all go back to the trees and live with the Ents. :)

No matter what you are celebrating at this time of year - I wish you a heartfelt Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year!

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