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Confessions of a non-movie guy

Hi everyone.

My name's Scott.

I don't like to watch movies.

I can hear you gasp from here. In the group of friends I have, online and off, this is an unthinkable state. "Not like movies? How can you not like movies?" I hear you say. The answer is : I dont know. I just don't particularly care for them.

There are some movies that I do like to watch - nearly anything by Pixar, Wallace and Grommit, kitshcy or campy fantasy/sci-fi, certain action-adventure movies (I'm quite looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean next week - and I loved both LOTR movies, I mean, I'm not an ALIEN. ;) ). But in general, I'd prefer to not "watch a movie" as an evening's entertainment - much to the chagrin of my movie-loving wife.

I've been this way for a while - and I never really put much thought into it until recently. Why do I feel this way? Partly because I've always had trouble sitting still for long periods. (No, not ADD, just a spazz) Not completely, though, since I sit still at work and during many other events just fine. I've come to believe it has something to do with the passive nature of movies. And television too - I don't watch TV series either, for most of the same reasons. I admit - I didn't watch more than 2 episodes of B5. I've only seen one episode of Buffy. I watched a few episodes of Farscape, and that was very good, just bad timing for my schedule. I have seen all of the ST:TOS espisodes, and nearly all of the ST:TNG episodes, so I hope I don't get totally kicked out of fandom. :)

A passive entertainment like a movie or television show doesn't engage my mind for whatever reason, and after a short time, I find my mind wandering and I start fidgeting and trying to figure out what I can do to get up and leave the room, even for a short time. It's uncomfortable, and I don't want to be rude to the people I'm sitting there with, but I'd really rather be in a Starbuck's having a Latte.

Also, I work in Hollywood, with Hollywood people - and frankly, I don't like them. I'm very cynical about the entertainment industry, and I think most of what is made is crap - the good stuff is never recognized as good stuff by the people who should know. Everyone's a poser. I think my cynicism probably projects onto anything I see. It's difficult to turn that filter off.

I think it's important to note that I DON'T have this issue with more interactive entertainments. Like video games - or at work where I'm trying to solve problems. My mind is completely engaged in these activities, and as my wife can tell you, I can sit still for hours when I'm doing something like this. Or audio work - like in Mastering, where I'm listening to the same 20 seconds of music over and over and over again. I can do that for hours, making minor tweaks and problem solving.

But, once I get plopped down in front of some passive tv/movie/whatever - my brain just doesn't have enough to do, and it reverts to it's natural 2 year old state and it begins to run around like a loon, concentrating on nothing for more than 30 seconds.

I've tried to fake it, I've tried to PRETEND I'm a movie guy, I've tried to BECOME more interested in movies - but I've finally given up. pafuts watches what she wants, and I go to the other room to play my guitar, or play on the computer. Right now, she and her dad are watching "Gangs of New York", and I just can't bring myself to go out and join them, knowing that I'll be back in here in less than 30 minutes.

So now you all know. I can't cover it up any more. It's a difficult thing to admit when you have a group of friends like mine, but to quote that Nautical Hero of Yore - "I yam what I yam."

Thank you for your support.


Jul. 14th, 2003 12:31 am (UTC)
I am so relieved. If not for precisely the same reasons, I, too, sometimes find myself outside the in-group of those who can talk about all the latest movies. I do not watch a lot of them either, basically because I have a full-time job and write at night and am so curiously dispositioned as to find most "industrial" entertainment less exciting than the development of my own plots. I am biased, of course, it's not an objective quality assessment. I used to watch a lot of tv but very often not without doing something else at the same time like praticing guitar (when I am alone), or sketching something or even having a book by my side.

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