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Cool Factor

As of yesterday, I am now the Audio Director for Atari, Inc., with all the cool points that working for Atari brings with it. :) No, I haven't changed jobs, and I haven't even moved my office - we just officially became Atari this week. Our stock symbol is even ATAR.

I now have an email address, which looks much more impressive on a business card. :)

E3 is next week, and the last two weeks have been a non-stop sprint to get everything finished on time, including a BIG PROJECT that is showing on Monday night. If it doesn't kill me, it will be grand showing in large, Hollywood style. I'll post about it after the fact. :)

Matrix (the video game) is released on May 15th, and is looking to be a big success. This is a good thing for my financial stability in the near future. :)

Worked too late tonight, and I'm starting to fade...

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