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Snarfed from zanda_myrande

Directions: Type "(your name) is" , (with the quotes) into a Google
search, cut-and-paste the first 10 responses that work. Just pull the
answers right out of the excerpt google shows you, don't click the link
and search around. The only rule is that each one has to start with
"(your name) is".

Cosmo is a young alien on his way to visit Disney World with his parents.

Cosmo is a lovable extra-terrestrial with a special ability

Cosmo is an upper crust British detective, very gentlemanly.

Cosmo is the friendliest of dogs.

Cosmo is a sharing server.

Cosmo is sneery elitism.

Cosmo is not just about sex

Cosmo is pushing and generally in the lead

Cosmo is interesting

Cosmo is really cute - we can do almost anything ... Did I mention Cosmo is very loving AND adorable?!!

I tried with "Scott", but the answers weren't near as interesting. :)

Oh - and for those on the go, you can do this automatically at Googlism -

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