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Canada and Cars

When you import a vehicle to Canada, they have to inspect it to make sure it's up to standards before they will let you register it and drive it legally on their very clean roads. :) I knew that my car would need a little work - the front left turn signal is out, for instance, but I had no idea what I was getting into when I dropped it off this morning to get the Provincial Inspection done.

You see... my car is a certified PoS. It's a 1992 Daihatsu Rocky SE. Not a bad car really - a 4x4 small frame truck. Good mileage and all that. Trouble is, Daihatsu stopped marketing cars in North America around 1993 - so parts are completely impossible to find. If you look them up, they show up as "dealer only" parts, only - there are no dealers.

So - our nice Canadian Tire representative called us this afternoon to say he was REALLY sorry - but he just couldn't find the parts he needed to fix my car so it would meet inspection. He'd tried. I believe him, of course, as I've gone through this before. So I get to go pick it up, failed inspection and un-registerable, this evening.

So now I have a large lawn ornament. I can't sell it (it won't register) and I can't even give it away (it won't register). Best case is to drive it carefully to Washington State and call a donation company to come get it for scrap or parts or something. Seems a shame, really. It does need some work, but it runs okay and still gets good mileage. It probably has another 50000 miles in it. *sigh*

So now we have the unexpected joy of having to go car shopping. Whee.

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