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5 questions with a twist

Since SO many people are doing the 5 questions meme, I figured I'd join the party as well - only I thought I'd do it a bit different.

Here are 5 questions for anyone to answer.

1. What's your name?

2. What's your quest?

3. What's your favorite color?

4. What's the land speed velocity of a coconut laden sparrow? (European or South African, your choice)

5. How many fingers am I holding up?

Each person that answers may, in return, ask me 5 questions.

Have a nice day. :)


Apr. 2nd, 2005 06:00 pm (UTC)
Re: You got questions. We got answers.
1. Where did the fire motif come from?

The icon is from Debbie, influenced by my collection of flame-adorned bowling shirts, and the famous "flame shoes". I can't say exactly why I like these things, I just do. That sort of retro, hot-rod, pin-up girl stying is something that I just like. :)

2. If money was no object, what type of guitar would you love to own?

My first thought is: Gretsch White Falcon However, if money really was no object, I would likely get a guitar custom made and finished.

3. What are some of your favorite guitar sounds?

In no particular order: Buddy Holly's Strat. Steve Cropper's Tele. James Burton's Tele. Dave Edmunds' 335 Dot. Nokie Edwards and his amazing Mosrite. Stephen Stills. Paul Barrera, Lowell George and the guitar sounds of "Little Feat". Eddie Van Halen. Snake. The whole vibe of the "E Street Band". And more and more I'm sure. :)

4. What's the biggest piece of culture shock you've had since moving to British Columbia?

It's been a very soft transition. There are a few things that caught us off guard though. Shopping Carts are called "Buggies" and you have to give a deposit (coin) to get one, which you get back when you return the cart. There is no Fry's (How do they LIVE?). Canada has much better designed money than the US.

5. How much time do you get to play with Zoe every night?

Quite a bit, actually. That was one of the big draws of this job, I get to go home at 6 every night, I'm not tied to a developer schedule. So I get home at around 6, we have dinner together and I put her to bed around 8. I also get a couple of hours in the morning with her. It's a good life. :)

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