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Reality, if it's convenient

I don't watch "reality" TV shows, as I find them explotative, and far from anything resembling "reality". An example of this was in the news this week as an American Idol participant was dismissed from the show for having been involved in a Porn webstie when she was 18. Interestingly enough, the producers even knew about it, but let it ride until someone found out. Why was it okay to have this person included in the show if what she did was so bad that she would have to be kicked off? Especially when the producers already knew?
So apparently, TV producers are interested only in the "reality" that they have preconcieved, and reality only becomes real when it hits the papers. The fact that someone is talented but had to actually struggle in the real world just doesn't fit into that notion. Too bad for her, I hope the publicity this spawns will garner her enough notice to get a recording deal that will eclipse whomever actually wins this Star Search/Gong Show hybrid.


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Feb. 13th, 2003 08:35 am (UTC)
Only the reality that makes "good" television
I've never watched "American Idol" but I've seen clips of it because people seem to enjoy playing clips of Simon belittling the bad singers. Now, what occured to me after hearing a couple of the really bad ones is that these people were probably selected purely because they were so bad and they would generate some real tension and drama when the judges pop their balloon.

Chuck Barry once said about "The Gong Show" that he let someone on purely because he knew this guy would get gonged because he was so bad, even though he knew how serious this guy was about his singing. When he saw how being gonged almost destroyed him, he never did that again.

However, that doesn't make for great television. Somehow I doubt this will change anytime soon.
Feb. 16th, 2003 12:15 am (UTC)
Two words: Vanessa Williams.

Of all the Miss America winners over the last 20 years, she's by far the most successful. In that case I felt for Suzette Charles, the 1st runner up who was forced to get out of a bunch of professional commitments at the last minute to take over the title. Charles got sued by folks for "breach of contract" and her career got hosed.

As for "American Idol," any "talent" show that discriminates by age (against me) is one I'm not interested in watching.
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