Brilliant Deductions (bardiclug) wrote,
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CoH Stuff of my own

I play City of Heroes - big surprise, eh?

I have a Super Group (I founded it) on Champion called "Girls Gone Wilde" (our motto "The Importance of being Earnest!"

We completed the Positron task force.  What a biatch.  Nearly 7 hours over two sessions.  Good experience, but not so good as to warrant the expense in time.  I likely won't do this task force with any of my other characters, life is too short. :)  I did get a recharge rate SO out of it, so that didn't suck too badly.

And, feeling good after completeing that, we finished the Dr. Vahzliok story arc.  We first beat Patient Zero, and handily handed Dr. V his flesh suit on a platter. :)  I got no good shots of the Dr. V meeting, but I did get this one after defeating Patient Zero.  This was a great level, and this room in particular really conjured up "Mad Scientist" feelings.  Too bad Dr. V was in a boring sewer, making him hard to see.  Makes you almost feel sorry for him.  Almost. :)

That's the butt of my blaster - On Target.  Around the circle, to her left, is Iron Valkyrie (Tanker extraordinary); Fem Feline (Scrapper with Style); BobbySocks (Delicious Defender); Samantha Drake (Controller of the year). 

Samantha Drake got this great shot of us pounding on Dr. V. We do kick some buttocks.

Not pictured: Grinning Kitty - Tanker on fire!

This is a great group, and I hope to do many more adventures with them.  They have really spoiled me against pick up groups.  Every one of "the girls" knows their role, knows how to communicate, and we get the job done with few group wiping errors.  It puts the fun back in gaming. :)

And that's enough about that. :)

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