January 28th, 2006



After a couple hours in hospital last night, we were sent home. Baby is doing well, everything is going fine, the midwife just wants us to progress some more before being admitted. All is well, but we are both pretty tired (didn't get to bed until 3:30) and anxious for this show to get on the road. :)

Amanda's Mom is on her way from California, and will be here in another 90 minutes or so. So everything is as it is meant to be.

Our midwife, Grace, says we will have a baby today one way or another.

Stay tuned....
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Update: Saturday Night

Contractions getting stronger, but not much closer together. Looks like this kid is trying to hang on so he can share a birthday with his Uncle gnomedude. About 3:30 pm our time today things really shifted into the next gear, so that's a good thing. [ Thank you bedlamhouse and ladyat ] The way things have been progressing, I'm hoping for tomorrow. At least that would be better than the middle of the night. :)

More news as it happens...
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