January 2nd, 2003


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Everyone should read this article.

What should I do with my life?
The real meaning of success -- and how to find it
by Po Bronson

This conveys the philosophy that I have generally followed (although not always as clearly as this article outlines) throughout my life. It made my mother crazy and made most people shake their heads at me more than once - but I can say that it's true for me. I now do something that I love, and it's because I followed my call and found the answer to "The Question" for me.

Life is good. :)
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June Foray

On #filkhaven today, the subject of voice actors came up, and then the name of June Foray. I'm a complete devoted fan to this wonderful person, having be raised on her fantastic performances. I like to think that listening to her affected me in some way that I ended up doing voice direction for a large part of my job. (I'd rather be a voice actor, but you have to go with what you're good at. :) ) I went searching for some more info about her and found this lovely tribute to her, written in 2000 when she finally got her star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

POV Online - June Foray
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