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Stuck in San Antonio

and paying $.25 per minute for internet! Yikes!

Shuttle was 10 minutes late getting me to the airport and I missed my flight. Couldn't get on the next two standby flights, so am now waiting for my last chance at 7:35pm to catch a flight to Dallas, so I can try to catch a flight to Seattle.

But wait! I hear you say... You live in Vancouver! That's, like, a different country or something!

You are right.

American can only get me as far as Seattle on the "credit" of my missed ticket. So I will have to rent a car in Seattle and drive to Vancouver. Since I'm not schedule to arrive in Seattle until Midnight, I'm first driving to the Garcia's who are going to let me crash, and then drive home tomorrow. I'll miss a day of work, but I'll save $500. Yes, that's the amount it would cost me to fly all the way to Vancouver.

I'm not a happy camper, but at least I see a tenuous path home. It's amazing how fragile and small one feels when travel plans go to hell in a handbasket.

Hopefully, I'll have better news to report tomorrow.


Oct. 19th, 2004 10:00 pm (UTC)
I did make it home, although exhausted and cranky. I'm at work now, so I'm less exhausted, but still cranky. :)

Actually - the airline was great. It's the shuttle service that I hate. :)

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