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Back in the Saddle Again

Had a wonderful time this last week and a half - starting with GaFilk, and then a week and a day afterwards spent with ladyat and BS. Simply - we had the best time you can imagine. BS and I worked on some music engineering stuff (for the upcoming CD from zencuppa), we all played with Zoë, had some beer, played with Zoë, played some music, played with Zoë, cooked and ate great food, played with Zoë, sat around and watched DVDs, and played with Zoë. Oh, and one night we went to the Rib Ranch - very good barbeque - I recommend it highly. :) It was marvelous and relaxing, B&B are wonderful hosts and just some of the best humans you are likely to find anywhere.

GaFilk was a great time - I think my concert went well (at least no one threw anything at me :) ) and I got to meet one of my literary heros - Bob Aspirin. Thursday night I was standing in the con suite holding Zoë mostly listening to the conversations going on there, and Bob came up to me and said " Are you going to introduce us?" referring to my daughter. I instantly turned into Drooling Fanboy (tm) and stammered my way through an introduction. It wasn't until Sunday that I was able to actually speak with Bob, and I'm glad I did. He's a great person as well as a great author, and I feel very fortunate that I was able to meet him.

GaFilk is a great con, and we would very much like to return... although exactly when we'll be able to do that is up in the air at this time...

Zoë was great on the trip, although on the airplane ride home I think she had had enough. She was tired, and clingy, and crying most of the way. We felt embarrased being the parents of the stereotypical "screaming child on an airplane" -but there wasn't much we could do about it. Several passengers actually talked to us, reasurring us that they TOO had children and understood - and this helped some. We did manage to get through it, and baby Z is none the worse for wear. I think it will be a while before she makes a trip like that again, though. The pile of luggage we needed to care for a 1 year old on a week long trip is frightening enough without having to endure the stares of 25 tired and annoyed airplane passengers. Ah - the trials and tribulations of parenthood....

Back to work tomorrow. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. I can't help it - I love my job. :)

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