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We are here

Just a quick note to say we made it. The immigration part of the trip was not as difficult as we had thought it would be. The only bad part of the whole trip is that Zoë's suitcase of toys was misrouted, and we probably won't see it until tomorrow. Other than that, we all made it, and now we can relax a bit.

Had a surprise waiting for us at the airport... trystel was waiting for us as we came down the ramp into the terminal! What a surprise! She followed us into the city and probably thought we were nuts as we drove circles trying to figure out where to park. We had dinner, and she left late- although we will see her again tomorrow night for dinner as well. Are we lucky or what?

Note... as I was typing this, the concierge brought up our lost suitcase. I have to say that I am impressed with Alaska Airlines baggage inquiry folks. They knew about the problem, and not only found and retrieved the bag for us, put it through customs, and delivered it to our room. Go them.

Once both parents were in the new place at the same time, Zoë decided it was time for bed... and crawled into bed all on her own and said "Nite nite". It's the first time she's done that. :) We are impressed and taken aback - we weren't ready to be removed from the bedtime routine just yet... although I suppose as a parent you're NEVER really ready...

Our temp housing situation is very nice. 13th floor of a high rise (ooohhh aahhhh), in downtown, with a view of Coal Harbour. Pretty nice digs for a sound guy. :)

So now it's time to go to bed and rest - tomorrow we open our bank account, as well as our first house rental appointment. I'll start taking pictures and get those up for all to see as well. :)

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