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So what's happening, Cosmo?

Now that's a very good question, and one well worthy of an answer. :)

I got my official offer letter yesterday, and it's as good (or better) than the verbal offer I was working with. So all is good there.

The Most Amazing and Wonderful In-Laws have helped us with loans to pay off our vehicles and some of our revolving debt, so we can have a simpler US Dollar pile to pay each month, vastly improving our position in Vancouver.

They have listed my official start date at Sept. 7 which is two weeks earlier than I thought it would be. Hoo ray.

Unemployment no more, we sing!


Aug. 21st, 2004 11:00 am (UTC)
You're going to live in Vancouver? Oh my goodness! (Oh well - first of all: congratulations! :-) ) But then: wow - Vancouver is such a wonderful city! I think I immmediately fell in love with this city when I've been there 1996... I also shared that love for this city with Lloyd Landa - he composed a music piece that "discribed" that city so very well which he played to me after Consonance 2000 while sharing memories... It's a city where I always wanted to live since that first moment I arrived there! 'Cause I love this having the ocean in front of you and the mountains in your back. And such a lovely towncenter (around Gastown). And I fondly remember those wonderful gardens (I think they're called the Elizabethian Gardens - something like that). When I've been Interfilk-guest at FilKONtario I had first planned to take the train across Canada to see Vancouver again. And visit Vancouver Island which is also said to be quite a sight. There's a beautiful wild and rugged beach with a hiking trail on which only a certain number of hikers are allowed each day. It's part of a National Park. But I wanted to do that for a time now. I still dream of it! :-)

Say - didn't you just move? Oh well, I think you're also one of those practised and experienced movers! *grin* One has to be. I understand more so in the USA than in Germany, but Germany is closing in on that: fewer people today are able to spend their whole life in the same place. If you want a job, you just have to move. The "golden ages for work" are over... Flexibility is what is asked for. Something we could learn from the americans! :-)
Good luck for all of you!

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