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We made it

Here we are on Monday after the con. We all made it through the weekend with not one casualty. Amazing. :)

My girls are both napping as I type this, and I'm waiting another half hour or so to wake them so we can get to the airport and home. The lovely and talented Beckett Gladney will be giving us a lift.

Yesterday in particular was good, as I gave what I felt was a great performance (my voice seemed shaky to me in the beginning, but others assure me it sounded fine)- including a rare, fully choreographed version of "Rudy (The Trout Song)" for the benefit of Katy. :) After that, we have a bunch of folks in our room for pizza and conversation - Tom and Dave; Paul, Beckett, Casey and Riley; Alisa and Gracie; as well as my own two lovely ladies. It was great. The evening went on and people came and went as children needing tending to. I sat and talked with Dave and Tom until Tom had to go get a nap, and Dave, Amanda and I continued talking until we were surpised to see it was nearly 9 and Zobedtime - so Dave reluctantly left and I promised to meet him later in the Dead Mosquito filk. (Mosquito? Why Mosquito?) It was great to sit and talk about everything and nothing with Dave, he is one of this world's real "Extraordinary Gentlemen" and I felt privileged to have that much of his time to myself. :)

I did make it to the filk, however it was late, and I felt exhausted - especially since Zowas up at 5 am that morning. I did sing one song - "Palm Pilot Blues" while everyone in the room spontaneously held their PDA's up like lighters at a concert. It was great. :) My performance leaved a lot to be desired, but I think people enjoyed the effort. :) I sat and listened to some great songs being sung, and shared some excellent Scotch with Franklin ("It's as old as ME!" he told me. :) ) then just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

And thank you to Paul, Beckett, Alisa and Luis for hanging out and sharing kid time with us. You guys are the best.

I wish I could have experienced more of the con - but as stated otherwhere, it just wasn't possible. I did have a very good time and enjoyed immensely the parts I DID get to experience. The con com did a great job, thank you all for putting on this party for us.


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Mar. 12th, 2004 04:03 am (UTC)
It felt like your entire concert was for Zoë and the rest of us were fortunate bystanders. Hee! Even though I'd seen the "production number" version before, I especially loved the performance of Rudy and my sister enjoyed it a lot, too!
Apr. 10th, 2004 10:44 am (UTC)
(Mosquito? Why mosquito?)

Dogs don't die at Consonance. Every year we name the end-of-the-con filk something different.
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